Recurring Payment

Principles and Guidelines

    As an organization Subandha obliges to strict principles and complies with efficient guidelines in making our work as proficient and smooth as possible.

  • Humane

    We believe in serving people as part of our extended family. It’s not just about providing help for the people in need but also doing it with compassion and Love towards them.

  • Empathy

    We are empathetic in our approach rather than being Sympathetic. We try to understand and feel the condition and the state in which the people in need are and do our best to help rather than just helping them just for the sake of it.

  • Love

    The essence of all our activities and our central theme is to spread love to people and ask them to do the same. We wish to fill the people in need with love and care and make sure they are fulfilled in the best way possible within our reach.

  • Care

    Subjecting ourselves to strict scrutiny and making cautious decision in delivering our services for those in need. Take tremendous care in both our actions and words to strengthen the relations and ensure the support for the people.

  • Evolve

    We see ourselves as an organization that is learning from time to time and developing its activities from time to time. We welcome feedback and do our best to make amendment to fit to the best of people needs. We believe in evolution not only in our organization but also the way we reach people.

    We see our Principle and guidelines are not confining us but creating a framework for us to do our best in helping others.