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Our Committee

Venkateswarlu Bandi, President

Mr.Venkateswarlu Bandi is taking the pleasure of leading Subandha Foundation, Trustees and its staff. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a privilege having him on board with us, as he has been an active participant in many of the social causes, pet rescues, child and human welfare activities. He is a great visionary, entrepreneur and a diligent humanitarian. He is one such inspiration to the younger generation with a strong and selfless motive.

Venkat Reddy Devaram, Vice President

Mr.Venkat Reddy Devaram is a Businessman by profession. Currently he is governing the local body teams like volunteers, donors and sponsors across the organization. Mr.Reddy has extensive experience in handling the strategic challenges raised locally. He always believes in a policy “giving or reciprocating is what makes us Human. He is strongly determined and believes in bestowing all his goods and riches to serve the people and the society.

Sravanthi Vadlamudi, General Secretary

Ms.Sravanthi Vadlamudi is a Software proffesional. She is a charismatic person whose involvement in various social welfare activities is quite appreciable despite many odds. Ms.Sravanthi is well trained and extensively experienced in leading teams to conduct various events. She strongly believes in educating the people about social welfare and its requirements and also the advantages of having a better society.She is keenly dedicated and work towards motivating the children for education, women to fight for their rights and to drive and inspire people to achieve selfless motives.

Seshadri Shirobhushanam, Joint Secretary

Mr.Seshadri Shirobhushanam is a Network Engineer in profession. His passion towards the social impact has grown stronger day by day. Mr.Seshadri is currently helping the Subandha in successfully planning, organizing and executing the events. He is always a proactive person and believes in his potential to motivate others. He hopes all his skills and hard work will take the Subandha Foundation to its next level.

Balaji Madabhushi, Treasurer

Mr.Balaji Madabhushi is well educated and working as a Software Engineer. He has put all his efforts in bringing this organization into lime light. He is buckling down to make this efforts worth full. He has disposed enormous amount of courage and bravery taking up higher reponsibilities . He had succeeded in balancing his professional work with social welfare activities.

Bhargav Devaram, Executive Member

Mr.Bhargav Devaram is a Software Engineer by Profession in IT Industry, working in the United States. Mr.Bhargav draws his local network communities in the USA to create extensive cooperation in funding, guiding the Subandha in a Non-Profitable partnership. His intention is to make Subandha grow as a global force that serves as a beacon of hope for the people in need and to address primary concerns in the society.

Sandeep Bandi, Executive Member

Mr.Sandeep Bandi is the compassionate personality who has displayed amazing ingenuity in building the Subandha Foundation. Mr.Bandi is a software professional working overseas (USA) who is very influential and steers the social responsibility with great energy among his peers, friends and family. His idea to serve the society and to inspire people to do so in many different ways is the driving factor behind this initiative.