Recurring Payment

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help the people in need. Often help is underrated and it could be for many reasons. Most of times people tend to think what "One person” or "One Organization" can do to change the society is limited or not so resourceful. Subandha believes in “Help is counted, big or small, every hand joined together can offset the burden of the underprivileged”. We strongly aspire to create a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone willing to help and receive it through Subandha Foundation.

We see ourselves as the road turn and the right direction to those who want to provide help in any form and those who want to receive. We are a reliable organization which renders and tries to the best of our abilities to deliver our services. We provide food for the hungry, clothes for poor, education for the illiterate irrespective of age, cast, gender and other social attributes. Our goal is to raise awareness among the society and its role to a change in the perception of the citizens about how one’s disposition of social responsibilities would build a strong and healthy living for humans. We believe in progressive improvement of the organization that evolves through feedback and collectively work with our volunteers and team members towards achieving our mission to the fullest.