Recurring Payment


"Subandha Foundation" holds its base in Khammam, Telangana. Subandha is a culmination of aspiring hearts (partners) with great vision and responsibility towards building a socially equal society. Subandha also creates and promotes the events which involve donating food, collecting funds, giving out clothes etc. This enables people to extend their reach beyond a place where technology cannot. Subandha also creates awareness in the most mundane things like categorizing the trash, planting more trees, educating people about global warming, what one can do to prevent it and other social issues that have become parasites feeding on the society. The whole idea of Subandha started from the donations we have collected through a simple email chain in trusted group of circle. Subandha ensures the help reaches the needy and the foundation for the organization is reliability and trust. We react to every required action in a very timely manner. Also not all posts online or through verbal communication tend to reach the general public, as there are limitations in email chains, we have built a closely knit and collective platform ‘Subandha’ to help every nook end corner of the localities to easily reach out to us electronically and in person. Through Subandha we create a podium for trust, reliability and delivery of help for people who seek it.

Our team consists of a core committee and a group of volunteers that ensure the smooth functioning of the organization abiding to its principles and guidelines. We make sure that every donation that is made it rightfully directed towards those in need. The team would maintain complete transparency in functioning and activities. The team also conducts events and encourages common people to participate through which we create awareness in them and also learn about more people that need help. Our main goal is to be reachable to people who has to get help in time and deliver our services.