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School benches Donation in Govindapuram and Lakshmipuram(V), KMM

Subandha has reached yet another milestone in its School benches donation campaign. Government schools in two villages Govindapuram and Lakshmipuram have received 60 school benches. 200 kids can now concentrate better on education and will no longer be at risk of childhood back problems. Subandha thanks “Pure” Charitable Trust and Lakshmi Narsaiah Mallela for their generous contribution to the project.

Several government schools in India lack the required infrastructure and kids usually sit on the bare concrete floors irrespective of the weather conditions. They have tough time writing on the book and raising their heads to look onto the board and their teacher. Hours of poor posture and discomfort only distracts their attention. And that is why Subandha made the goal of providing the school benches to as many schools as possible.

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