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School Benches Donation in Jakkepalli Village

In the past decade, India has made progress in expanding the literacy rate, as more and more kids started going to school. Even though India has a large Private School System, 70% of the kids get educated in Public Schools. The Schools, where the quality of education is questionable. The Schools, where there are no desks for kids to sit on.

As part of its School Bench Donation Campaign, Subandha has donated 20 Benches to Mandal Parishad Primary School of Jakkepalli Village, Khammam District. Villagers of Jakkepalli contributed to 50% of the funds. Members of MPTC and ZPTC, Sarpanch, Local Leaders, HM and School Staff attended the event, along with Subandha India Team Members.

And now this Primary School kids, not just receive education, but they receive the quality education.