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School benches Donation in 9 Villages

Several government schools of India, especially those in villages, lack the basic amenity of school benches. Kids sit on the floor, throughout the year, facing the discomfort while trying to concentrate. Lack of school benches is one more setback while motivating the illiterate parents to send their kids to school. In its quest for promoting the quality education, Subandha reached another major milestone, by donating 200 benches in 9 different Primary and Upper Primary schools of various villages in Khammam District.

1. Kotapadu – 20 benches
2. Papatapally – 27 benches
3. Raghunadhapalem – 34 benches
4. VV Palem – 15 benches
5. Koyachalaka – 24 benches
6. Pangidi – 10 benches
7. Ramkya Thanda – 10 benches
8. Manchukonda – 40 benches
9. Chinthagurthy – 20 benches
Total No. of Benches - 200

Subandha teamed with Puvvada Foundation in identifying the schools that need help and eventually donating them the school benches. We are very grateful to honourable MLA Puvvada Ajay Kumar garu for his generous contribution through Puvvada Foundation. We also thank Pasumarthy Ranga Rao garu for his great help in organizing the event.